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Arts in The Bahamas

Posted by Victor Minca on

Arts in The Bahamas

Arts in The Bahamas Straw weavingTraditional crafts include straw work on islands,creating beautiful hats and baskets.This skill was useful when Bahamians led subsistence lifestyles, with baskets being used for carrying fruit and fishing traps. Today, straw work and wood carvings are produced and sold to tourists in Nassau's Straw Market.Canvas artBeautiful landscapes and the vibrant houses and peoples of the Bahamian archipelago have inspired many artists, both native and foreign. Some notable Bahamian artists include Amos Ferguson (deceased), Eddie Minnis, Brent Malone (deceased), Jackson Burnside (deceased), Victor Minca, John Beadle and John Cox.Coral and stone artHand carvings from coral art...

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