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Victor Minca

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi

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Title:  Giuseppe Verdi  Year: 2014

Artist: Victor Minca
Original: 16" x 20" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Prints: A Signed Limited Edition Art Prints (16" x 20" & 12" x 16") in UltraChrome HDR,  Hot Press Bright Matte Finish, Cotton Fibre, 300 gsm, White Border, Backboard, Protective Bag, Numbered, Approved, Signed by the Artist,  Certificate of Authenticity Included. 

Canvas Prints: Signed Giclee on a 16" x 20" Exhibition Canvas Gallery Wrap.

Description: (1813 - 1901) Italian Romantic Composer.
This vibrant and expressive portrait captures the essence of a man with incredible detail. The subject is depicted wearing a tall black top hat and features a large, bushy gray mustache and full beard. His piercing green eyes engage the viewer with their intensity and directness.

The artist's meticulous attention to realistic tones brings the man's weathered and experienced visage to life, as the play of light reflects off his skin. The addition of a black coat and a beige scarf or cravat tied around his neck adds an elegant touch to his appearance, enhancing his overall presence.

The abstract background, predominantly composed of various shades of green, creates a lively contrast against the subject. The brushstrokes suggest a sense of movement and energy, enhancing the overall composition. The artist's skilled portrayal of character and personality is evident, particularly in their emphasis on capturing the essence of the subject's eyes, which serve as a focal point of the piece.

Inspired by the music of Giuseppe Verdi, the renowned Italian composer known for his unforgettable operas, this artwork is a testament to the artist's love for music and its ability to inspire creativity. The unique process in creating this piece lies in its ability to evoke the spirit and passion of Verdi's compositions through the expressive portrayal of the subject.

This artwork is a testament to the artist's exceptional talent in capturing the essence of the human spirit, celebrating the beauty of both individuality and experience.
Collection: Mr & Mrs Bruzzi
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