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Miami is the place to be when it comes to the Art World. From the Wynwood Art District, to Calle Ocho, to the Bird Road Art District, there’s a piece of Art for everyone.The Wynwood Art District is the most colorful and urban of the three. Wynwood gathers attraction from its colorful Street Art Murals and its young, trendy and modern Art lovers. Every building is graced with beautiful urban art done by local street artists, and the sidewalks are filled with dozens of galleries that cater to the fans of this type of art. Calle Ocho is the most cultural of the three. Calle Ocho caters to those who share a love for the Cuban culture and its art. Here, you can find Spanish street art, Cuban inspired murals, and Art Galleries that represent Cuba, it’s artists, and their love for art. The Bird Rd Art District is the Underground Art District. Here, you’ll find art from all different walks of life. From galleries that cater to a modern look, to galleries where the art is more traditional, there’s something for everyone here. The prospects for art buyers and art collectors is expected to surge in the very near future. We look forward to serving the city of Miami and offering something new to the already booming art industry here.

"When I haven't any blue I use red."

Pablo Picasso & I