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Victor Minca

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach

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Title: Johann Sebastian Bach Year: 2014

Artist: Victor Minca
Original: 24" x 36" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Prints: A Signed Limited Edition Art Prints (16" x 20" & 12"x16") in UltraChrome HDR,  Hot Press Bright Matte Finish, Cotton Fibre, 300 gsm, White Border, Backboard, Protective Bag, Numbered, Approved, Signed by the Artist,  Certificate of Authenticity Included. 

Canvas Prints: Signed Giclee on a 24" x 36" Exhibition Canvas Gallery Wrap.

Description:  (1685 – 1750) German composer and musician of the Baroque period.
This captivating portrait depicts a historical figure with a face framed by curls of hair, rendered in a style that incorporates both paint and printed elements. The most distinctive aspect of the painting is the use of musical notation sheets as part of the composition, giving the impression that music is integral to the subject's identity. The color palette consists of shades of blue and green that dominate the background and clothing, with hints of yellow and beige, particularly noticeable on the subject's hands and face where the paper with musical notes is more evident. The figure holds a sheet of musical notation in their hands, further linking the subject to the theme of music. The brushstrokes vary across the canvas, suggesting texture and depth, especially pronounced on the black garment worn by the figure. The overall mood of the piece is evocative and historical, anchored in a kind of thoughtful contemplation. Uniquely, this artwork was painted over sheets of musical notation, incorporating the musical element directly into the composition.
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